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V1 Launched in March 2020!

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It can be time consuming to search all the projects for sale sites and make heads and tails of it all. We give you all the essential info for quick insight.

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Save at least 5 hours per week searching through the deal sites manually. New venture opportunities spotted and added daily with all the info you need.

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“Well this is going to save me a lot of time searching through sites to find a good project to buy. Nice one. Think it's worth the purchase price already.”
Dave Oliver
- Looking for a side project to buy

Example Data

7 previous items already sniped recently to show you what to expect
(minus the sorting, filtering, exporting and not a real formatted table..)
Name Net Profit
1 Money manager $0
2 Website for sale in the Design and Style industry $7,684 p/mo
3 Affiliate Business - Sofa and Hair Cure Niche $7,930
4 App $17,394
5 Mamae
6 Software - B2B Image Conversion $11,100
7 Petro.Directory $0

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